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up for the first anniversary and so this shows two things it's a pretty big concession by hamas to totally cancel that event which it has invested a lot of of capital in in recent months and it shows i think that on the hamas side there is a will to deescalate this situation it denied carrying out the rocket attack on television it said it was going to find the perpetrators israel nonetheless blamed hamas for carrying out the rocket attacks so it's a signal from the from the hamas side of the equation that they're looking for a way out of a further escalation and i think there has been a similar signal coming from israeli military which is told the israeli media today that it believes that this might have been a mistaken launch in some way whether that means some kind of technical malfunction or whether it means a low level group within hamas firing off without the orders well the sanction of
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more senior members both sides look to be giving each other potential way out of an escalating crisis and death at the same time we understand that there is a was at least an egyptian delegation in the guards there we understand the gate trying to negotiate at least a more a more durable truth's between the sides. that's right this is a that it's been going on for some months now the egyptians have been very involved in trying to negotiate a long term truce between the israelis and hamas with various other actors involved as well at various times obviously there's qatari money coming in to gaza at the moment the united nations is also trying to to see what it can do to facilitate circumstances for such a deal in the run up to the israeli election though those efforts seem to be. not progressing at any great pace as they haven't been as to be said even preceding the
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election being called in december that election is due on april the ninth those egyptian delegate that that gypsy delegation was in gaza yesterday at the time of the launch how much so that it was talking to this delegation of the time of the launch so why would they want to launch at that time it was also a time when there had been significant protests inside gaza against hamas over the few minutes aaron situation and the various price rises that have been happening in recent days and weeks and so there is a very difficult situation inside gaza there's some indication of hamas isn't getting what it wants out of these negotiations that led some to suggest that perhaps this was a deliberate attempt to try to turn the temperature up again but if it was certainly they're doing their best to turn it back down now and with the israeli elections coming up as well it seems to be little appetite for a major conflagration here on the israeli side as well hairy for st live in the
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israel gaza border area. since becoming a dad is there a high profile matter leaves new york and fearing a return to the days of mob violence. my name is some people say that my feeling. any program that they're not real but if i think they're real then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. all knowledge is iraq . there is grown in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we're not looking for some nations
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prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis as we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose that deadly political agenda we have to flow to our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. but they're not religious this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much employed in contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would be foolish is you
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know it's very challenging we believe particularly because you have a lot of people that are deployed on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. right turns take a look at the top stories here it is there again at least forty nine people have been killed another forty year in hospital in new zealand after two mosques were targeted in christ church one man's been charged with murder police are questioning three of us it's the worst mass shooting ever in using. the prime minister just
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in the ardennes says it's one of the darkest days in the country's history she added her country has been targeted by a terrorist attack because it is a diverse nation that welcomes migrants. and weekly protests along the girls the israeli fence area has been postponed hours after israeli airstrikes hit the besieged gaza strip earlier rockets launched from gaza fell close to television. thousands of protesters are gathering in the algerian capital and that's despite the new prime minister promising a new government which will be open to all neutered dean badly addressed the nation on thursday he said he was responding to the demands of protesters by. creating a government involving young people he said it would be in place by next week having caused four weeks of rallies to continue calling for president bush of
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leader to step down a senior member of the ruling f.l.n. party meanwhile has said the hooter ficca is now history. let's wait now to dalia ghanem is an algerian political analyst and resident scholar at carnegie middle east center she's in beirut the lebanese capital thanks for joining us so the the protest movement then seems to have achieved quite a lot insofar as that of liquor is off the scene is out of the equation what more do they want what you know i've been marching with the a jury and on march first and to with this student on february twenty sixth and back in there and their demand where clear and focused it was no to the fifth term but unfortunately the government and the regime has been too slow to answer and today the answer comes too late. by then by that time that a jury and demand broaden and expanded and today they not only want no fifth
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term for president would fight it out but they don't want his brothers and his clan they don't want this entire government and they don't want the rejean and actually . the declaration of. but also the brahimi and i'm tandem mamma are not going to appease algerians by the locals it is they are exasperating their frustration rank their desire for change so it sounds very much as though the people who are prepared to protest and continue protesting they want a complete overhaul of algeria in politics my question is are they prepared to engage in a process of dialogue which the newly appointed prime minister offered just yesterday. we are not sure about that but at this stage of the protesters seems not to be willing to take or to in gauge wind with. it in with
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anyone coming from this government as a matter of fact that brahimi personalities such as that but i hate it but also and then the mamma we're very popular and till they engage with this government so at this stage i don't think it is going to do with burke i think what will work is real actions but infortunately be the most arjun's of maneuvering of the redeem us are tightening and you know tightening day after day and what constitutes real action i'm still a bit unclear if the movement for change wants what it considers a substantial change how does it hope that that will be achieved and is it a matter of overthrowing i mean the alternative to dialogue is overthrowing the government the same place now. well unfortunately we are witnessing the real and
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deep political crisis at the crisis of legitimacy in algeria but the problem is with the very nature of the region that obscurity for instance of good flipper presenting himself or this term this fight is illness has to be find within the nature of this regime it is a very complex regime and over there is composed by different authors and circles of power and it seems that this region with all these circles composed by a felon leaders but also military real bidders and business tycoons if it is not capable of finding a consensual candidate as it used to be and this is what led to the crisis dollar ganim thank you very much indeed really interesting to talk to you. china's economic slowdown and the trade war with the u.s. top the agenda of legislators gathered in beijing they endorsed a foreign investment law aimed at appeasing the concerns of trading partners in
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washington and elsewhere adrian brown reports from the chinese capital as ever when china's parliament meets everything was perfectly organized. inside the great hall of the people the mood was celebrated as the almost three thousand delegates gathered for the final day of the national people's congress they knew what was expected of them their job after rule is not to block legislation or place checks on leaders of the communist party so the outcome of the vote to amend the foreign investment law was never in doubt as was its true aim to help end the trade war with the united states which is why the legislation was approved in record time the measure will affect some of the biggest corporations doing business in china in theory it'll mean among other things that foreign firms
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will no longer need a chinese partner to operate here or be forced to hand over their technology to. new foreign investment laws china's concession to the united states which is a compromise china is making in a trade war so it's very likely that in the future there will be policies that actually saber foreign investors will probably won't see any significant changes in that regard this year. at premier league chung's annual news conference where journalist questions are submitted and vetted in advance he sought to one small reassure foreign investors she's you teaching china will continue to cut taxes and fees streamline illustration forced a new drivers of growth market access and a level the playing field for all marquee players. the premier's warned that economic growth could drop to six percent this year the lowest it's been in almost thirty years china's economic growth would be the envy of many other countries but
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it's still slowing complicated by a number of other factors the trade war with the united states among them but china's leaders can't blame previous governments for their problems because for almost seventy years there's been only one party that has ruled this country adrian brown al-jazeera beijing north korea is considering suspending talks with the u.s. and restarting misawa nuclear tests the vice foreign minister chose on twain says they have no intention of yielding to us the need can arise ation demands if they mean the u.s. secretary of state and the national security adviser for the breakdown of last month's summit in the noyo between donald trump and leader kim jong il. the drive by shooting of a reputed maffia ass is raising fears of a return to more killings like those in the sopranos t.v. series and hollywood movies police fear the murder of frankie boy cally will
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provoke revenge attacks as gabriel elizondo reports from new york considered one of the greatest movies of all time the one nine hundred seventy two big screen classic the godfather depicted the italian american mobster wars in new york. not good meeting you liz. now the scenes are coming back in real life friend jesco cali was gunned down wednesday night by unknown assailants outside his home in a posh neighborhood in staten island. he exits his house but he has a conversation with an individual in front of that residence and that individual at some point in time it's only about a minute into it pulls out a firearm and shots are fired known by his nickname of frankie boy he was widely believed to be the head of the gambino crime family unlike high profiled mob bosses of years past cali was different he kept
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a very low profile one of the first times and ever appeared on the front pages of the local papers was with the news of his death gambino boss whacked read the headline of the new york post. retired new york police sergeant joseph jack alone says high profile mob hits have been rare the past twenty years so investigators might have a hard time trying to solve the crime this as a lot of implications because is this within the italian mafia or is it from outside the italian mafia is it another group trying to make the name for themselves there's a lot of working parts here and law enforcement needs that play catch up the last time a mob boss was murdered in new york city was thirty five years ago that's when john gotti ordered the murder of then gambino boss paul castellano outside a manhattan steakhouse gotti was convicted of extortion and cast a lot of murder in one thousand nine hundred two ten years later he died in prison
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mob violence has subsided since then and that might have led many new yorkers to feel a false sense of security. last october a lower level mob boss was shot while sitting used car outside of past food restaurant and now the killing of cali clear signs the mob is alive and well gabriel zandu al-jazeera new york only east african coastline side close i die has made landfall in mozambique bringing with it wind speeds of up to two hundred twenty five kilometers an hour almost eighty five thousand people across malawi and mozambique have already been displaced by stormy weather that began more than a week ago flooding has left many villages underwater and knocked out power and water supplies their school children worldwide are skipping class to take part in climate change protests among the first were australian peoples in sydney organizers say
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more than a thousand strikes are planned in ninety eight countries the movement started as a solo protests in sweden by sixteen year old gratitude she said outside government buildings to accuse politicians of not doing enough to stick to the un's paris agreement of climate change and that was four years ago. well let's see what's been happening in india affairs jamil is at a demonstration in new delhi. these students have gathered here in central new delhi for the strike for climate action joining students and other indian cities and across the world india now is felt the effects of climate change for several years with rising temperatures flooding in some parts of the country and drought in others now in the decades before the students are even born the dominant economic policy of governments and policymakers has been economic development sometimes at the expense of the environment something the students say they want changed.
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the basic facts and the truth is not likely to be won not sure. which they can. give us a. good the name of. the students are at least a few years shy from being able to vote in the upcoming national elections they still want to make sure their voices are heard hoping to remind and influence those who are voting and those being voted for the climate change is something that affects everyone. and don't forget you can keep right up to date with the day's main stories as ever on al-jazeera dot com. all right i've received a lot of the top stories here and out there at least forty nine people have been killed another force here in hospital in new zealand after two mosques were targeted in christ church one man is being charged with murder police are
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questioning three others it's the worst mass shooting in new zealand the mayor of christ church is urging the city to unite. i think it's really important that people remand absolutely kyra and feel free to talk to friends and famously about the feelings that you hey it's natural i never could believe that something like this would ever happen in the city of christchurch but actually i would never believe that this would even in new zealand and it looks as though something in the woods to this happened and we need to pull together and get through the situation. well the prime minister just in the audience says it's one of the darkest days in the history of the country and added new zealand's been targeted because it's a diverse nation that welcomes migrants. that weekly protests along the girls
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israel fence area have been postponed just hours after israeli airstrikes hit the besieged gaza strip israel launched air strikes on gaza hours after two rockets fell it television from the higher the world learned. what happened is a new israeli aggression against gaza out a tweet a series of its crimes including the main one the continuation of the siege of the gaza strip our people will continue their struggle to break the siege despite this aggression the resistance is ready to defend its people and is committed to calm as long as the occupation is. thousands of protesters are gathering in the algerian capital despite the new prime minister promising a new government that will be open to all newer day in bed to address the nation on thursday he said he was creating a government which would involve young people he said it will be in place by next week if in weeks of rallies calling for president bush to flee had to step down is now given up on his bid for a fifth term and a senior member of his ruling f.l.n.
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party says which of flicka is history now all right up to date there is the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera people in power is that. his critics say he's a secret oligarch who pulls all the strings in a country caught between europe and russia his supporters say he's just a business woman turned politician with his nation's interests at heart but who is the man who many know is known to over. puppet master and what lies behind murky allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollar bank fraud. yacht
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. in the world over is one of europe's poorest and most troubles nations and many people here think they know why. some blame a billion dollar fraud which bankrupted the country others point to the post savior trip public's complex relations with east and west. but almost everyone even the president seems to agree on one thing that it's impossible to disentangle moldova's problems from the power and influence wielded by one man. flood plain old news otherwise known as the puppet master. model is
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a question of us and those who look out of the scenes to to give us. a little something putting in the lead at a rate me me but guess whether slugger that is for me tomorrow or the ball at the nearly getting. the inexplicably gang zone in the life of blowhole the leader of moldova's democratic party a partner in the governing coalition of the stuff of spy fiction. huge wealth and attempted assassination and accusations of blackmail and bank fraud we feature film that you won there. in the film look at make it the book it was because i did say was born. bored in twenty sixteen from becoming prime minister because of corruption allegations plotnick nevertheless took control of the poem and pushing through a new electoral system that many ordinary mood david's feared would guarantee his grip on the country. everybody knows that the only place where this isn't had taken
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place is the uk is delf a cell for mr putnam. so when last month's election resulted in a hung parliament with his forty coming third what did it mean for the republic and the mark of early and figure who exercises so much influence we went to find it. sandwiched between rumania and ukraine moldova is one of europe's least known countries once it was the richest of the soviet republics for decades the breadbasket of the us i saw. but following the collapse of the soviet union it has fallen on hard times. in one nine hundred ninety two at better civil war saw a tiny sliver of land break away from moldova to form the new republic of transnistria almost five thousand people lost their lives in the conflict three
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thousand are wounded many made homeless. today transnistria is recognized and really by russia it's a time capsule of what life was like in the glory days of the savior. it's where russia's myself fourteenth only is based just forty minutes from the mold live in the capital case nine. troops in a frozen conflict that could heat up any second. told by both the e.u. and the kremlin and the geopolitical took of war moldova's fragile democracy is under attack that's why we have this phenomenon of stoke captcha because of geopolitical cautious because of geopolitical or he has between america and russia however while mr new guy is saying i'm staying here in power and he is laughing.
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his detractors accusing the sinister connections of being the man behind the curtain who controls everything that moves in the country. over of these are rather gay chanst blowhole new critiquing the end of the image he rejects his critics refused to let up. blood new to the men who captured the the. state institution was starting from the government to palm and persecute orpheus national bank the center of combating corruption and he is using the state for his own interest. who very direct links have never been proven his opponents say that particular question dreaming about whether they are god was tied to one of motives most notorious financial scams. in the winter of twenty fourteen fraudulent claims amounting to ever a billion dollars were made from three major move the banks during the three day period the country's national bank was forced to cover the loss.
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for light from a crime for which and the a handful of mind of figures were held responsible continues to impoverish the country. for moldova in g.d.p. it's twelve percent and the problem is that this many have been put on the shoulders of taxpayers so we have to return the slimy excellent double malt jewelry and twenty five years many people are having to sell their belongings in order to get by. the white so it's a good number said it was sure. the image that the basics first and you heard budget commandos were good but where does one of that show which is a. legislation passed by parliament last year made it practically impossible to recover the stolen money. making these the draft laws that in fact it has been
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propose it as an attempt to help the businesses but in the reality it was an attempt to free him from an illegal liability people involved in the bank ford. the government of reps it into street protests. what this kind of thirty six will describe it the state has participated in these so. we are almost five years away from this crime one more one cent was recuperating. we wanted to ask the hard news about this and other issues but neither he or any representative of the democratic party responded to our numerous requests for an interview as little time to say that many blame him. from old age as way. you can look at all the public opinion polls he is the most hated person. in the country.
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it was perhaps then unsurprising in april twenty seventh teen when seventeen people were detained in accused of plotting to assassinate the only dog. bunny and weapons were seized including grenade launchers and kalashnikovs but his opponents say it was all the stunts to gain sympathy for the deeply unpopular only call. the perpetrators conveniently photographed themselves drawing a plan of attack over a map of the global business center nick has his office. with the political levy only. people who plan on the summation and being you know in front of become your target in the face is that they come out at the shows and they are playing some kind of mr solution i'm absolutely sure that is a fake assassination. of the few surely you know what good night is boring
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invented by by human he he is people. this as a nation claim came a split whole make a just him bald on a charm offensive. blah blah what you call the good you got him through the seeping through but again. seeking to present himself as a kind the father figure to the nation something. i said there was a good idea what you were as a government out there could do it with a little. more importantly he wanted to be seen as a true patriot capable of standing up to russia. it tries to sell to the west and they do you that even though he's not a god now in the moment he's the only one who can stop russian tanks not entering in the region. they teased her closer not. hold news media interests gave wall to wall coverage to the alleged assassination
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but after some months others chose to focus on dramatic developments from an earlier murder attempt in london twenty twelve. the top gate was a russian banker goban stoff a business rival of blog mc he was shot four times by a professional hit man. what crop the headlines was that the gunman told the proctor serving time in the remaining prison for another crime which is this moment to admit to the attack on google stuff he then alleged that it is being carried out at the behest of the his hands or in blood up to the elbow. should not partially she come under our feet. so.
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plus nuke dismissed crocus accusation and denied any involvement in the crime but the story was given time by janelle t.v. one of the few moldavian media outlets the oligarchs control it was a rare demonstration of independence many independent journalists we spoke to complained about harassment prompting some to leave the country. and they are immortal. although it. is only well thought of seersucker on one occasion celeb you have chased after his pursuers need your body but most of them drove off in a car leaving warm behind the woman because of all of us despite this individual being identified no police investigation was carried out and use of that i thought
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it marks a moment for mark think our daughter in law is not like that was. there with you know what there were you know each other by the more but the more it was allowed to . sue was more about the list but still the list of little sleep. search episodes are not isolated. when the high profile of the investigative journalist natalia murari published an open letter to the whole nuke containing the following sentences you will never become the one you always wanted to be the legitimate leader of moldova in the shadows yes surreptitiously yes but never the just mutiny she claims she received threats of blackmail with an intimate tape from the plotnick associate. it was video made in my apartment which i was renting it was my apartment so it was not mean a hotel in the car it was my home so they got into my home.
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making sex. murari went public with the threat and received nationwide sympathy. you want to use google voice look here mr justice going to the. beach as a camera school some. flashes in the lucky years are forced on south the. hold on mr bigot is still in sex tape focus at the kodak theatre. once again no action was taken by the police. denied responsibility. but as the first twenty nineteen election approached there was growing concern that black means mayors might play a part in the coming vote. as
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campaigning goes in the way against the background of inadequate funding and the laws the hostile media candidates from a came the pro western party and socialist pro russian party came on to the streets in freezing temperatures to canvas for vait. cloth nukes party the democrats were able to draw on the oligarchs media monopoly to target opposition candidates. to the land that were inside the us also possibly people like you just the media all it is fully more or less when you order it up on one and all but i was told it was this author's lessons this is just selfless love isn't enough bought the me well let me just start leaking it. all. back in a party largely untainted by charges of corruption is one of claude nukes bitterest opponents the joint leader my son do when touring the provinces ahead of the vote.
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and seriously though. we. might. as well as explaining her party's policies she was having to deal with yet another smear a website whose owners couldn't be traced by sharing pictures and a video purporting to be sandy kissing another woman. who claimed that one of them was me it is not true they don't even show the faces. and just wanted to you know to to come up again to use this again to scare people so and that we wouldn't know. before the elections. whoever was behind this in such a conservative country the smi threatened to be acutely damaging especially in the north of the country where traditions are strong support for the pro russian socialist party was almost
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a given here. for two hundred of us we were part of the soviet union we don't live for example i don't know feminism generally speaking we don't always don't go one day march just younger some don't go all. these people old believers many thousands in rural areas belong to this branch of christianity which dates back centuries to before the time of peter the great. move if you see bin you go then your guilt. see what. real to see the glen you hurt the world. in nasa again what i did is years ago mitt and i followed in the canyons among the me i wouldn't let me just do what the middle years miss and the witch initiate. if there.
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are simply a cure all scheme moves through z's new rule not to see you. preach production destined for russia is the mainstay of the economy here there is little appetite for closer ties to europe. then last summer when the stock was in the blood that thoroughbred the more the bull is always with the most of his it just keep it with us now. still in the north and not far away is the time of soroti one of the most important from a communities in europe which perhaps more than anywhere else demonstrates how far more david has slipped since the collapse of the soviet union or the war. lining the streets or gypsy palaces modeled on world heritage buildings now mostly
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derelict they bear testimony to a standard of living enjoyed by ruma which is unimaginable now adays. roma barron author sorority is not stylesheet for the past. five years cover so user reach but i was additionally mean you more not of my the one that i stress. that above was just a door that usually you. can you or your dog what that teachable newton. we saw that you in your the most powerful country in the world. thirty years i've always been a bad i was afraid i was i'm out of a bad or washing circle or nobody that's why you. turn back to russia and we should be. the guys we use to be.
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from all the jungle metropolitans it's a different story they see their future in the west some weeks into the election campaign but all the m r r e set off to address a crowd of would be voters. never ever. see them aboard. parts of the vault it was based on being is not about me it's not only what about it. she was part of a group of journalists and musicians traveling the length of the country they were visiting towns and cities in a bid to persuade people to vote for. the more it is a big political. and to get people to see beyond maldives bribery rigging and action earring to be achieved. if you will the lady little master to
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further my joy slowly she slept all completely well thank you little theory why we should be slow to literally slippery slope the it was the silliness of a little while. but it was an uphill battle to overcome growing disillusionment with a corrupt political system. most least said claud next opponents as he has a habit of cancelling elections if they don't go courting supply and. they point to the case of andrina stars he joins leader of a king after convincingly winning less june's merril election in kissimmee the vote was inexplicably declared void by the supreme court. or. over. or with your partner or. a
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lead over orbiter or over the form of the core. or. warp of the. guard or what. else. an international rival over the decision led to an e.u. freeze on a much needed aid package which will inevitably further affect moldova's poorest people abject poverty has already led to a third of the population leaving the country driving many vulnerable youngsters into the hands of traffickers it's estimated that one move the even every hundred has been trafficked people like elena he was taken by smugglers right and forced back for that even after becoming pregnant and giving birth to a girl. those in the us they do. their money.
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all right there are story i did remember to go to mary but what a good lawyer. from in the lead in the bush family up us they brought us the almost if you don't know what little. there were more political shenanigans just days before the vote when the central electoral commission threatens to burn the socialists on the basis that president done himself a socialist was supporting the party which is head of state he should refrain from printing yet more protests in the event the socialists were not excluded which according to some of ludlow hold makes critics was surely no accident. junior partner of plot would convey a playing different roles block would know is presenting himself as believe the of
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proof pm part that. is playing the role of anti european profession but the kind of threat to the european future of moldova which is used by people who are in his discussions with the west i think that both interested in one being will go in the grey area where they can design the also the game think intended the law as they can do with anyone. when the election results came through accu the socialists and to hold next democrats each took between twenty five and thirty percent resulting in a hung parliament of a hundred and one seats duns party took thirty five the democrats the city leaving twenty six but i came on the face of it with no clear winner there was a chance for change but often isn't is in short supply and place to the. maneuvering is something dave his most powerful politician excels at nogent but the
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democrat plan isn't him so but it's been a minute not imported shouldn't go to iraq shipped him said just get them and they're not him still be active nobody said he's got them and they know when you're going to each. niche. in moldova there's a growing acceptance that someone who is neither prime minister nor president is calling the shots in a country where the checks and balances of democracy are clearly not working there seems to be missile that anyone can do to change things. there's been a book next hour that gives them that i didn't want out of the staff of corpus of a good thing about happening there does. seem to lots a stud deal of the guy seen them at the last stock.
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i know there were plenty of showers ever possible for america at the moment we're not some particularly violent ones every possibility a through and into the southern parts of brazil in this region it's very active as
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we head through the next few days in fact some of the shallows are likely to give us a problem with flooding and with a very large hail as well and that doesn't include across the northern parts of argentina for friday and saturday as well so this whole region the very messy towards the south as more clouds here working its way across some parts of argentina but is always included so twenty five would be the maximum here and it will be a little bit gray and damp at times too and we had further north about plenty of sunshine here but also a few class just drifting in all winds those could bring us one or two showers but i think the most likely area to see some rain on saturday will be around the coast of mexico for some of us here looks pretty wet and that's the tail end of what's going on a little bit further north we've had some very stormy weather i suppose of north america the snow late to system just pulling away towards the northeast is still bringing us a fair amount of snow in the east imposing canada and still dragging its feet further south across the east coast of the u.s. and down across the southeast it was that moves out the way it will turn of fresh air behind it so a maximum temperature of around twelve in new york and for washington d.c.
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but it'll still be bringing plenty of cloud to the southeast for saturday. good weather sponsored by qatar and. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead were detained for use on a pacific island now one on one east follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. color and welcome to the sound is there a new live from i am martine that is coming up in the next sixty minutes. forty nine people are shot dead in the taps on tomorrow in new zealand's worst ever mass
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shooting. you may have chosen us but we actually reject and can team you the prime minister denounces those responsible one man has been charged with murder. still not satisfied that ailing presidents no longer running for another term but are gerry ans keep up their demands for change. really airstrikes target girls as rockets are fired at television for the first time in five years. has been described as one of new zealand's darkest days have been two attacks in christ church targeting muslim worshippers during friday prayers forty nine people were killed in the gun attack this is the country's worst ever mass shooting the
9:50 pm
police have charged one person with murder he'll appear in court on saturday. the prime minister of new zealand just into our den has called it a terrorist attack. we have this report now from victoria gay simbi the this is the scene shortly after a gunman opened fire at a mosque in christ church the bushes some injured themselves all surrounded by the bodies of family members and friends who own the. is the wounded were rushed to hospital police were arresting one of the suspects in a busy suburban area in another part of the city they say they say for disabled one of two bombs found in the car that he was driving. early the city's main al new mosque was targeted during friday prayers by a white man wearing military style uniform and
9:51 pm
a camera mounted on his helmet here but. what i would not talk we hear looking a lot of. it is started shooting and the people of the. issues and the shots and. that's a good is how do you go one by one if. some people that the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred worshippers i was hearing there to a shooting after a shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in. could hear screaming and the crying in. some people you know dropped dead shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshipers that lynwood mosque about ten minutes away police have arrested a number of suspect think looting an australian born man new zealand's prime
9:52 pm
minister said they weren't on any security watch list and said new zealand had been the target of what she described as a terrorist attack because it was a diverse nation that welcomed migrants we new zealand. we were not a tag it because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not chosen for the sake of violence because we can darn rices them because we're an on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very fact that we are none of these things australia's prime minister is also a pulled and shocked we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred today by an extremist right wing violent terrorist. that is typed in the law of stalin the laws in a vicious murder suspect. that is climbed so many new zealand's
9:53 pm
police have a groom doubt the possibility of most suspects being at launch and a warning muslims to stay away from mosques nation wind we have staff around the country ensuring. that every one does keep safe and that includes. the fairness and special tactics groups right across the country being very vigilant and having a presence around the wall of their mosques to ensure nothing the kids the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack they've ever experienced victoria gate and be al jazeera. now we can speak to reporter kate king who's joining us via skype from christchurch it sierra leone's of the morning and now kate but this is been the worst day in the city's if not in the country's
9:54 pm
history what is that what is a sense of cautious this morning. well as you said in our unites with these we al is also annoying and most people in christchurch are of late the kootenay is just outside behind me here and i was outside the just a short time ago the fees really nolen all the straits at the moment sixtieth so they threw money at the foot as it were a couple of people who told me they couldn't sleep and cannot support us tonight some lawas they said it was just a sign of respect for the people who had died at the our normal which is just a couple of hundred metres away from the cordon here near where i am they told me that they feel unsafe in christchurch at the moment there's been a lot of dissension in christchurch in recent years at the hands of mother nature but nothing like this nothing done by attack is to members of the public in
9:55 pm
christchurch when i arrived at the people there were very somber they were very much talking quietly in small groups not playing on the line down everyone was talking all the shooting as the prime minister and many others have to rise as one of you feel as. saying it's an unprecedented in the extraordinary act of violence from things that new zealand is very much not use to heading in that country and furthermore i mean new zealand is generally considered to be a very peaceful place you don't have a heavy security presence in general on the streets that's all changed. indeed that has changed and the police commission if you used to results possible in the can't agree region here at the moment they are travelling in place from other parts of the country to come to cannes to break the news no defense force has also been deployed now that most of also being asked to carry arms which is
9:56 pm
something that you don't see on the streets here in new zealand and it has seen other situations throughout the country and. to know the bombs what it was were using to. and identify packages in general and that turned out to just be that next containing construction equipment there was also a situation unfolding in the navy and earlier this evening at least you get to update us on net that they were targeting a prophecy down there and evacuating resistance nearby putting them at an accommodation where the lights were unsure how in connection that probably is the attack that happened here in christchurch but security has been stepped up with the alerts here in new zealand armed lower. and kate as we've already said new zealand is generally a very peaceful place people consider themselves to be very liberal very tolerant
9:57 pm
has there been anything like this any of these kinds of hateful crimes against people of different creeds of different colors of different races. all. so i want to happen very often in new zealand and so as you say these illnesses do pride themselves on being an inclusive society i was saying that it's the men's and that makes up a very small proportion of people here in new zealand the last stance is that recounted it was back in twenty so saying in that time just the one sixteenth of people in new zealand says that they identified as being muslim but in new zealand we have a large indigenous population that is very much included in schools of when thinking of policies in new zealand as well as just only everyday straights so well
9:58 pm
you could say that people here in question. that is conservative and they are very much like the race of new zealand and that they have strong morals and values which relates to being inclusive talking to one another on the straight messenger that everyone's not just someone and sort of as a friend now they're one of those communities that is the biggest cities around three hundred three hundred fifty thousand people here in christchurch and for a lot of people who know a lot of people in the city and i would say that most people here what is being affected by this today whether or not i know someone who was at one of them all at the time you have someone who would seem to those who were injured on the street outside the mosque but also rules and businesses we spent a lot down in the south knows that a lot of the civil our people were actually allowed to go harm and make tional that in the one we're on but this isn't the sort of thing then you feel as is you so it
9:59 pm
will come and shot and indeed as i see the people that i've spoken to who do say that i am not feeling comfortable with this attack that this is something that you feel is identify was that naive they didn't think that this. attack would even happen you know now sure kate king thank you very much for talking to us live from christchurch new zealand. thank you now there were several people from countries like bangladesh indonesia afghanistan and malaysia who were at the mosque at the time of the attack leaders from muslim majority countries like pakistan indonesia in turkey they have condemned the killings in turkey itself thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the killings the turkish president tired of on links the attacks to what he called the rise of islamophobia worldwide he urged western countries to take immediate action ok let's speak now to.
10:00 pm
director of policy and communication at minority rights group internationally joins us live from london col what is the situation generally for people of a minority race or creed to give you see then we think that it's very tolerant it's very accepting but what's the reality for people of a different a different hue. if i may begin by expressing my profound condolences first of all for those who have lost loved ones this morning and also my concern for those wounded as well as solidarity with the muslim minority and new zealand as a whole because this incident strikes at the very heart of what new zealand represents as a democratic society my understand.


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